"Electric Bike
Ebike Consultation Service:

$75 for 2 hours
* Consulting Services are done on site
where you can ask questions while
having the opportunity to ride
several different styles
and power levels of
Electric Bikes
Ebike Conversions:

$ is Negotiable
* Convert your existing push bike to an electric bicycle
* Road legal to high powered disignated off road mt climbers
* Kits to custom conversions & hands on assistance to turnkey delivery
All pricing quoted is for labor rates only
Any parts and materials used which are not provided by the customer is an additional cost to labor rates

Maintenance & Repair Service:

$45/hour (1 hr min)
* Electric Bike maintenance, diagnostic & repair services
* Routine Bicycle maintenance
* Reduced power or range
* Electrical problems
* Strange noises
Custom Wiring Harness:

$ is Negotiable
* Custom built power/charging harnesses for high powered systems


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